When in the course of human events……

Readers! Rejoice! I have returned from the dead. Well actually I have returned to the blog-o-phere from the everyday activity which is the bane of the true Hustler. Yes! I have been too busy, too ensnared in the “making a living” trap to do the things that actually make life worthwhile….like spending time with you dear reader. How does this happen….how could I let this happen! All I can say is it’s still hard out there for us Hustlers, trying so hard to make a dollar out of………well you know the rest. At any rate I have finally regained my hope, my zeal for the life beyond the ordinary. Hopefully I haven’t lost you completely and you will give me the benefit of of your understanding.

As for me- I am once again on the prowl for a new way to make some money on the Internet in my spare time. The launch of my blog “BlueCollarStocks.com” is now my primary focus and I hope we can both use it to make some easy hustler cash. Dispite being slack with this blog, I have still been active in my favorite field of hustling: Penny Stocks. As you know so many perfectly good companies have fallen into this catagory lately and it is still an environment we can make a killing in. In fact we are now THE driving force in the market in many ways. The established vectors into the market are all in a protectionist mode right now and this leaves a great void for us to fill. We are in a position to both profit and help stabilize this economy by exercising our hustler mentality. Our endless optimism for capital creation the old fashioned way: taking a little money and a lot of action. These things we can all do, but most of us don’t. This is our edge in this battle for financial success- we risk when the “smart” money is on security.
So I hope you will come over to the new blog next week and take a look at my first picks of 2010, do your own research and then take the action to make this the best Hustler year ever!

See you there!

David Scott

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