What have I done for me lately………………..

This is always a good question for Hustlers. After all we are the guiding force, the CEO of our various money making endeavors. We have to hold ourselves accountable for moving in a positive direction. As for my latest activities I want to highlight the one with the most potential. In keeping with my belief that multiple streams of income is a goal of the true hustler, I have for the first time entered the MLM field. I have friends who have “worked” these programs for years with a decent level of success. The small initial investment and huge potential return has drawn many people from all walks of life into MLM in everything from Amway to Pre-Paid Legal. As a person always on the look-out for opportunity, I have attended a number of the recruiting meetings but have always felt that the people who do well are the ones who love the product. They enjoy building their downlines and promoting the product because they believe in the product and opportunity.

I never felt that way until last week when a friend introduced me to Success University , they have a product (self improvement education) that I have always enjoyed and a great compensation plan. The investment is low and I feel that the classes and materials that they offer are second to none. The more I look into the business the more I like it. After taking two of the courses and working with my upline (which has a special system with-in the system that will do most of the promotion for you), I think this is the best opportunity I’ve found since SBI. That’s saying a lot. Basically the investment is small monetarily but you have to be ready to take control of your life. They have great teachers, the names of which you will immediately recognize, who pull no punches as far as personal responsibility is concerned. This is why it’s a great MLM company….they have a great product which is designed to motivate the student/partner to realize personal success. Just like we hustlers like it.

So I feel pretty good with where I am with both the SBI projects and my new Success University opportunity. Hope you are moving foward as well. If not check out these two for yourself and see if you like them as much as I do. Also feel free to email me with your top opportunities. Love to have multiple streams of income:-)

David Scott

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