Wall Street madness presents an opportunity for hustlers…

What can I say that hasn’t already been said. Right now I’m sitting in Atlanta,GA wondering if I’ll be able to get gas tomorrow. Watching the government bailout plan debate rage on television. Seems like this world has changed so much in so little time…..what’s a hustler to do?—Well in a word – “hustle!”. They become fearful of losing their money, home, and lifestyle. We see the bigger picture….a leveling of the playing field, if only to a small degree. They plan for the worst. We plan for the windfall we can expect for keeping the faith and facing these changes with a positive attitude. They downsize and champion market changes that almost seem anti-free trade. We know this is the climate where our efforts will pay off in spades.

My challenge to you is to create even more value in your hustle activities. Even if it’s just a part-time job…..do more, provide answers instead of more problems, and keep your eye open for the unusual opportunities this type of economic turn-down inherently spawns.

I’ll share a few of these with you:

#1) Zecco a great and cheap online broker has decided to offer commission-free trades for the entire month of October. -This is amazing to me. I’ve traded stocks online for years and Zecco has become my favorite because of the 10 free trades a month and no account minimum …but unlimited free trades? no matter if you have $20.00 in your account or $100,000.00—amazing. I of course as a hustler trade only “penny” stocks that I research and have a huge potential for gain (or loss- if you like full disclosure). The thought that one could buy $100 worth of a $1 stock and pay no commision….wow…..check it out here: Zecco.com

#2) Real estate bird-dog……….we have one aggressive company here that pays for leads that result in the purchase of real estate. They want to buy houses in any condition from motivated sellers. You find those sellers (using flyers, etc.) and simply make the introduction and hope a deal is reached. This is a revenue generator that cost almost nothing and can be worked as you go about your other activities. Put a few flyers up in public places and treat the seller with respect and your on your way. I bet your community has a company doing the same thing.

#3) Look for ways to earn money when you go about your normal routine. Many businesses are currently in survival mode and will take a loss in order to report sales. Strong sales numbers are all that matter to them right now….they are holding on until things turn around. We can use this knowledge to get more for our money. If you buy an item (especially online) you should ask about a rebate or other incentive to spend your cash with that merchant. For instance I use the free portal MyPowerMall to earn a small commission on items I plan to buy anyway. That way I get the best deal the online merchant has and make a little something extra on the side.

The only other thing I’d like to say to my fellow hustlers is to develop a daily motivation plan. The media is going all-out to tell us how bad things are and will get, don’t let this be the only message going into your brain. I visit two sites each morning to keep me positive and on track:

ToolsToLife.com (A great day by day goal targeting site) and

MorningCoach.com (You can customize the site to reflect your goals and beliefs).

It’s amazing how technology allows us to become our own coach. Get that iPod and subscribe to some of the daily Podcast out there that promote self-help and small business success. Do the same with your RSS reader and you can edit your own news…….bombard your mind with your choice of information.

Well until the next post, stay on track and we’ll end up on top………………….

David Scott

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