Used car sales Hustle revisited….

In a previous post we covered this hustle and some of the tools to help you get started. As with most hustles this one will appeal to some more than others. If you like it this is a great time to start. This time of year many people are expecting income tax refunds and plan to buy a car. Because consumer confidence is still low and various credit issues many will buy outright with cash. This is where you come in. Many cars for sale by owner are perfectly good vehicles that have been replaced by newer ones. Do your research, buy a good used car for $1500 or so, clean it up, do minor repairs and flip it for $2500 more. Rinse and repeat. At the $1900 to $2500 price range you will attract buyers as soon as you list the car for sale. You might do 2 or 3 deals a month during tax season and scale down to 1 a month the rest of the year. Not a bad second income. In my state you can assign the car title over by signing the back, no bill of sale needed. To avoid mistakes and learn the business quickly check our recommended resource or you might work this hustle as an independent sales representative. You’ll get paid to prospect for small car lots usually called “Buy Here, Pay Here” lots. Almost all of these businesses pay referral or finders fees. Develop a contact at H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt and have them pass potentials to you for a small finders fee of their own. You could just hang around the offices of these tax preparers and hand out business cards (get them super cheap from ). One car dealer in my town pays 20% of the gross profit on each sale discovered by their independent contractors. Check your local Craigslist or ask dealers directly. Remember Hustlers can’t be shy 🙂

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