Update on Forex hustle………..

I have mentioned before that I’ve begun to dabble in trading currencies on the Forex market. Since my stock market hustle has stalled out right along with the economy, I am allocating most of my trading capital to my Forex account. I thought learning to trade stocks was fun, but this is so much more intense. The Forex market trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and half the fun is watching your profit (or loss) change in real-time, second by second. It only takes $25 to start an account, but I recommend learning with a free demo account first. You’ll use imaginary money but everything else is real. By using the demo account and watching the free educational videos you’ll become comfortable enough to open your real account. I currently use FXCM as my broker because of their excellent trading platform and the low $25 initial deposit. They take Visa/Master cards as well as other forms of deposit, so you can jump on a trade pretty quickly if the timing seems right. As the educational resources will tell you: always place a stop loss order when you open a position and you can manage the risk involved. Since these accounts allow a pretty high rate of leverage, each $1 can control up to $400 during a trade, money management is a key skill to learn. Of course Hustlers like leveraging money, it’s one of the golden rules of hustling. I know this seems like a white collar hustle but check out the free training, open a demo account and you’ll agree that you can hustle up some good money if you stick to the trading strategy you formulate as you learn. Here’s a link to a video showing how to trade directly from the FXCM trading station charts: https://admin.acrobat.com/_a205571165/p10381296/

Along with keeping a position in the stock market, this should be one of the online hustles you consider as a long term – high potential hobby.

David Scott

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