They paved paradise to put up a parking lot?

One of the first things we notice as we age is we become more and more susceptible to learned behaviors.  One that I have been battling the last few months is to look at things lost with the proverbial “rose colored glasses “. 

It’s hard to let go of the rat race -even after realizing it as the slow death it is. This tendency is why it’s so much easier for younger people to embrace the new economy, where we have to hustle to survive and hustle even harder to succeed. Even knowing the truth and promoting the lifestyle didn’t stop my feelings of loss recently when I separated from my job after 11 years.  Frankly, I have been crying over spilled milk that was long ago spoiled beyond all usefulness.

Strange how the Law of Attraction works without fail to bring us into what we really want and how often that very change seems like an unfair punishment or plain old bad luck.  (If you doubt the Law of Attraction put it to any test you like – you’ll come around). 

I say all of this to say – I apologize for not providing value here recently and to let you know why.  I have regained my perspective and bad attitude with the intention of becoming financially wealthy. A big part of that goal involves leaving clues for others (you?)  to follow if they wish.  Also since we are working towards the same goal I welcome any and all positive comments and suggestions. My next post will address ways to start (or restart) your hustling career from scratch (as I had to do last month).  Thanks for helping me keep the faith!

On a lighter note- you may want to join the CNBC Million Dollar Challenge and have some practical Hustler fun for free with the possibility of winning a million bucks! I firmly believe that trading stocks or Forex should be part of a hustler’s game plan… give it a try!

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