The Zero Investment Hustler’s Blueprint

As with many beginning Hustlers you may want to make some extra money in your spare time but have little to money to invest in your new enterprise. So here is a way to start making money with ZERO cost.

#1 – Start out with a freebie site like MyFreeCashMachine, these type of sites pay you to refer others (just like I’m referring you) to them and you get paid when your referrals complete free trials like getting their credit report from Free Credit Report or other offer. It cost them nothing and they can refer others too.

       You sign up for free and must sign up for a trial offer once in order to refer others. The reason I like MFCM is they have developed this into a true system. Once you join and complete your offer you will have access to your personal “back office” complete with pre-set auto responders, lead tracking, conversion statistics and capture pages. Don’t worry if some of this is new, they also have a great and motivational training site.

      The best way to get leads is through Craiglists/Backpage/USFreeAds advertisements and sending tweets/posts about the site using your referral URL. You can realistically expect to make about $15-$20 per hour that you do this. Let me be clear that I do not consider this anything more than a home based job since your income is so closely tied to the amount of work you do each day and the hourly return is comparable to working a job. However it’s a great way to build up your hustle fund while proving to yourself that you can make money from home.

#2 – Now that you have some extra income please consider setting up a system to donate 10% of it to a charitable cause of your choice. I’m not saying…..I’m just saying…….

#3 – If you have read this blog before you know that I feel it’s important for every Hustler to learn about (and be ready to take advantage of opportunities in) the stock exchanges. Now that you have a little hustle income consider opening a TradeKing or other brokerage account. Take like $50 bucks a month or whatever and deposit into the account.

        It will be like a savings account until you decide to invest it. I personally feel that many perfectly good companies are cheap buys right now because of the economic condition of the country. Hustlers must always think positive and we can profit when things turn around. For more on this see my post on penny stock investing.

#4 – Time to level up in the hustle game. Do a little research to discover a real business hustle you’d like to start. Ideally this will be something closely related to something you have a talent for or interest in. I have always been a computer nut so online activities like developing websites, blogs, and affiliate marketing appeal to me. If you decide to hustle online please read The Affiliate Marketers Handbook (it’s free!) by Ken Envoy. In my opinion it is THE word on the subject of making money online and after reading it you will know more than 90% of Internet marketers.

        If marketing online is not for you use your fund to start a “brick and mortar” business from home like the used car sales or lawn care hustles we have posted about previously. Don’t forget MLM (multi-level-marketing) which I feel is one of the greatest (and underrated) avenues to financial Independence today. 

        What ever you decide to pursue remember that as a Hustler you want to do more than provide yourself with a part time job. Your hustles need to be an avenue to making big, outrageous amounts of money. Maybe it will take some time but make sure that your goal is to be rich!

#5 – All that remains for you to do is keep going through good times and bad. Stay focused on your goal by reading positive books and blogs. Develop your own “news” channel using the tools like Google’s RSS Reader and shut out the negative “news” from the papers and TV. Go on Oprahs’ site and make yourself a dream board. Get some free motivation audio from sites like Learn Out Loud. – Do whatever it takes you to stay positive and motivated.

       You often hear Hustlers mention staying (or being) on the “grind”. Well that is actually a good description of how you will succeed….day by day….staying the course…being self directed and self motivated. It’s not easy (I have had my share of set-backs) but that’s why few people make it.

Don’t give up – ever. I encourage you to keep grinding everyday….

David Scott

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