Summer of opportunity………..

I have had this feeling lately that our current economic woes have reached the bottom and a big turn-around is coming sooner than most think. Yes- I’ve been hit hard in my, shall we say – “hustles” by this gloomy atmosphere, most notably my stock portfolio is down big-time. Of course this isn’t so bad because I can afford so many more good companies these days and I hope their stock values will bounce up with the recovery.

The main thing I feel now is a sense of urgency to get myself in position to benefit before the end of this coming summer. If you’re looking to buy a house or car this is a great time…..this goes for us hustlers too. Many people are looking to save money and will give your service or product a try if it’s good quality and cheaper than their current supplier. I mean even the big customers that wouldn’t normally let you in the door are open to change. These customers can be acquired now during the downturn and if serviced right will stay customers long after the economy has recovered. One place to look is selling to the Government. Thousands of purchasing cards are in the hands of these workers and if your product or service cost less than $2500 they need no approval or bidding process to do business with you. These selling opportunities aren’t advertised so you’ll have to do some research, but if you’re selling something they need at the “office” level you could get an excellent customer who will always pay on time.

Just some thoughts on what promises to be a heck of a year to be a Hustler. Remember we are stronger working together, so if you can partner on some projects with other hustlers do so. I’m hooking up with some of my co-workers that run a concession stand on the side. Any time they need a third man/investor to service a large gathering, I’ll pick up the extra hustle bucks! -Of course.

David Scott

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