My Web site hustle- the beginning……………

All I can say is: “WOW” ….The last few days working through the SiteSell process have been amazing. Both my daughters are working along with me and although I asked them to help for the purpose of showing them a viable way to add value in the world and make money too, the fact is that they help me stay motivated. The money I spent on the program is another big motivator. Out of all the money making activities I’ve worked, none cost me so much up-front. OK – $299.00 isn’t a lot of money but I can’t throw that kind of money away either.

Trust me when I say that I know for a fact that I will reap a substantial profit on that investment (not to mention saving a huge amount of time). The process is sound ……check it out:

Well here is how it all begins: You watch a video explaining how the Site-Build-It (SBI) 10 “day” plan uses a proven step bye step procedure which culminates in your web site ….your business on the web. They go to great pains to get you to stay focused and not try to “jump” ahead. Of course the term they use: “day” – is just arbitrary and any “day” could take a few minutes to complete or several actual days or weeks. You proceed at your own pace but you stay focused on doing each step in order.

Right now I’m at day 3 – I have a good idea of the theme and name of my site. Next (in day 4) it’s all about monetization…how the site will make money. SBI has all this down to a science and I will have a good idea of the income I’d make from the site even before I design the pages (that process doesn’t start till day 6). Hey I’m not going to lie and say this is super easy….it’s not. I’ve had to put time and energy and creativity into this from the beginning. This is what SiteSell calls BAM (Brains and Motivation)….all you need to succeed.

I feel kind of like I’m not fully expressing the power of this particular hustle. The things I’m learning about the economics of the web and the tools I’m using to get the same advantage huge companies have are amazing………….not to mention one of the best things: The community of SBI. The forums alone are worth the subscription. I’ll have to save that stuff for later …but please -if this hustle sounds like the one for you, email me and I’ll send you a great e book that will tell all…free.

David Scott

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