My latest project…..I’ll keep you posted over the next 6 months

Hi, I have decided to go all out on my latest hustle- Starting a cash generating web site. Over the next few months I will post the blow-by-blow activities and results of my hustle, complete with financial information on cost and profit. I am very excited about web commerce again since I’ve found a company to do all the hard work to get my site listed high enough in the search engines to make me money. Take it from someone who has done this work personally….it is really time consuming and then you’ll never be sure you’ve done all you can. The company is SiteSell and you can hit my affiliate link at:

As I post my experience you can decide if this is something you want to do as your hustle. We can only learn and build each other up as we share these experiences. Check out the information on the site and you’ll see that you’re utilizing your unique knowledge and interest to build your Internet traffic. I wasted a lot of time thinking that if I put a good idea into motion too soon someone would come along a steal it. This is the same as feeling that there is a limited amount of success and if I get mine someone else misses out. This is simply not true. Especially when it comes to the ever expanding Internet. Trust me , if I have any success in this hustle you can do that and more.

I have always used Godaddy to register my domains (and host most of them too) but the Site Build It package includes all that in the yearly fee. I still feel that Godaddy is a great company to get cheap domains and provides great service if you want to go it yourself and attempt to save the fees. Check ’em out at my other affiliate link (hey it cost you nothing and I only rep companies that I use and deliver great service) : Hosting Plans

Actually doing the whole thing from scratch will teach you a lot. That knowledge could be the basis for a great web site in and of itself. You’ll become an expert at web commerce and that’s very valuable. To get started read the free ebook available for FTP from the public/ftp directory on one of my other sites:

Well I am currently doing my reading in preparation for the ten-day site building process I’ll start Friday. This material is covered in the above mentioned free ebook as well. I’ll let you in on the buying process later this week……………..Thanks.

David Scott

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