Intense …………..but fun, educational and profitable?

Hi- Hope you had a great holiday! I spent a large part of mine working though the Site Build It process. The first thing I’d like to say here is I’m surprised at how much I needed to learn to get the most out of this investment. I’m glad I included my daughters in this process. They are learning a lot about business -but more importantly-about how money is made on the web.

Some of the marketing tactics, tools and systems alone are (once mastered) going to help me make money for years to come. Right now I’m deep into “Pay per click” services and the tools used to make this type of marketing as profitable as possible. As I mentioned in an earlier post I have a few web sites already making me a little money, so I have used these tools to increase the conversion rates. Hopefully after I complete my first SBI site I can use my new skills to raise my previous ventures to the same level of quality.

The other big thing I’m going to use these tools for is to get some readership for this little blog. My reason for starting this blog is to share ways to make money. Right now I only have a counsel of one 🙂 I have planned for the future by securing the domain: so potential visitors will find it more quickly. Not sure if I’m willing to go the “pay per click” route to get the readership up but it may be an option later. Well I’d better get back on the SBI site and work on the big project. I hope to be finished mid-month and have a day of drunken celebration!

David Scott

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