In these economic times, develop your hustle focus……

As the number of days we have been in this economic funk continue to mount, I feel both a sense of excitement, thinking of how a floodgate of opportunity is sure to follow, and a sense of loss because I could have been so much better prepared to profit from this correction. I will come out of this in a better position, but some people will really clean-up such as people who recently became real estate investors. When I look at some of the bargains in the housing market today, I am amazed that people are still so cautious about buying their first home. Not to mention the tax credit! If your a true hustler and fit in this category, your main focus should be to acquire one of these properties.

As for me, I have focused my efforts in order to make the most of the opportunities this economy offers. My main hustle now is the varied stock markets I invest in using my Zecco account. The Forex hustle was very promising, but a recent rule change prohibiting “hedging” has moved this activity too close to outright gambling for me. If you are into the stock game too, check-out my current favorite penny stock: SPNG – as of today they are trading at .0216 and have a great marketing program designed to make the company a household word. To be honest you can hardly go wrong investing in the market today. As long as the company fills a need and you believe they will be in business five years from now, you’ll likely make money.

At any rate, my main message is to stay positive and active as a hustler but limit the number of projects you undertake until the monetary system recovers fully. Become a specialist in those areas and your success is practically guaranteed.

David Scott

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