Hustler Self Defense Made Easy……

It’s the time of year I begin to plan my hustling activities during the busy holiday season. If you’ve got one or two hustles going, you know how fast the months of November and December can go. We have to guard our time carefully to ensure that we are always utilizing it to our best advantage. Vacations and family time aside, our hustles should always have first priority of our time. Plan each day to do at least one thing to advance your hustle.

As my readers already know I consider conditioning of the mind an important and critical part of our daily activity. I have listed in previous posts several free sources for the type of information, motivation and inspiration we need to focus on to the exclusion of all else. As with any profession Hustling requires some real sacrifices: Loss of most of the recreational time people spend on watching TV and other low return activities, often a loss of physical comforts like sleep, and a commitment to success. We have faith that in time the payoff will far exceed the investment….in spades!

With all this in mind I want to provide my take on defending the Hustler lifestyle:

1) Activity is king. Stay busy and you will see progress. See progress and you will stay busy.

2) Feed your mind thoughtfully. See my previous post about designing your personal news system, ebooks, and audio from online providers like .

3) Only inform those that need to know about your projects. Most people (especially family) will discourage you from taking even the small risk we advocate here. They want to protect you as we do children…..limiting your actions to the ultra safe.

4) Follow every success with an act of generosity. Not only does the sow/reap law operate flawlessly, this will also reinforce your desire for even bigger projects and successes.

5) Embrace change.Be willing to abandon projects once it becomes clear that they no longer compensate you for your efforts or if you find a better one to work. A real Hustler would expand this to every aspect of life but that’s a personal decision we won’t discuss here 🙂

I’ll end as I often do, by imploring you to continuously search for your next (or first) Hustle and invest a small amount of money along with a lot of time. Invest yourself and reap the profits!

David Scott

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