Hustler resource round up………….

After my last post I started thinking about all of the resources I use to support my hustling activities and mindset. This post is the first of a periodic series of these valuable resources. Please use the comment section to add your favorites which we’ll share with other readers. Since I spend so much of my productive life online, many of my resources are web-based applications or services – many of which I use daily. The five I list below are definitely must haves for serious hustlers!

#1) Portable Apps from – These free applications will run from any portable flash drive or device. The menu driven package comes with Open Office so you can create/edit Word or Excel documents, Thunderbird the great email program and Firefox the best web browser in the world. I have this on my thumb drive so I can use any PC I happen to be near by just plugging it into the USB port. It has my favorites,my files, and my applications so I feel like I’m using my home computer. After I’m through, I just eject the drive and that’s it! No information is stored on the “host” computer or it’s registry….perfect for getting a little hustle work done during lunch at my main job.

#2) Sandy, your personal assistant– At This is simply the best web-based to do/calendar program I’ve ever come across. I can email or text in items to be added to either my appointment calendar or to do list. Have reminders sent via text or email as well. Give it a try – it’s free and a great help in staying organized.

#3) Bloglines – I’ve written previously about the many benefits to be had from designing your very own “newspaper” . You get daily exposure to information you can use or that motivates you. Don’t forget to add the shareyourhustle feed to your list!

#4) Paypal – You likely use this already. The best (as in most popular) way to get your payments online.

#5) Commission Junction – At If you work the affiliate programs or would like to. This site is better than ClickBank as far as I’m concerned. If you don’t do affiliate programs your missing out on one of the best hustles out there!

Well that’s five of my favorites. Check them out if you haven’t already.

David Scott

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