Hustle vs. Moonlighting………..

Many people find themselves in a situation financially and decide to moonlight as a way to ease the pressure. That is a very smart decision, but we here are focusing on a side hustle as a way of life. The benefits we seek go beyond money: self reliance, life management skills, and a long term vision are the major rewards if we stay the course.
In keeping with these goals, we can stretch our definition of a hustle to exclude moonlighting at a “normal” job. Our hustle is like a little enterprise or company in which we have complete ownership and control of. Staying as independent as possible is half the fun and besides a job is an automatic loss to a large degree (see Steve Pavlina’s post : 10 Reasons you should never get a job).
So I hope our conversation will revolve around becoming more entrepreneurial in our approach to making a living and our general mindset. I will in the next few weeks highlight some of the hustles I have come across both big and small. Most can be started with less than $500 capital (many much cheaper). They are “side” hustles so we are looking for net income in the $600-$2500 a month range without requiring a bunch of time to operate. So check back soon…………

David Scott

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