Hustle Up Cash with Your Own Lawn Care Service

Low on start up capital? Want to make money and control your financial destiny? Or just wish you could earn some extra cash from home, perhaps on weekends? Running your own lawn care service may be just the job you need. It is a great way to hustle up some cash and it can be done from your home.

Many homeowners and property owners simply do not have the time to care for their lawns. That being the case, they will often hire someone to do it for them. That person could be you!

You will need a few things in order to be truly successful in this type of work. The good news is you may already have everything you need. Here is a short list of items you will probably want to have on hand:

Lawn mowers—Riding and push

String Cutter—aka Weed Eater

Hand tools—Rake, broom, etc

Gas Cans

Means of transporting your tools and mowers

When you are trying to hustle up some extra money through lawn care, you have to get the word out that you are open for business. You can use word of mouth, which costs nothing, but you can also put a small ad in your local paper.

While most municipalities will not require you to have a business license for this type of part-time work, it is always best to check first. Most business licenses for lawn work are inexpensive and easy to get.

There are two common mistakes people often make when they are trying to hustle up some cash with their lawn care service. The first mistake is they over-bid the job. The second mistake is they under-bid the job.

Before you do anything, you should research the prevailing prices for lawn care work in your area. You can check in the papers or even call a few of those who are currently doing this type of work to get estimates from them.

Once you have a range of prices, you can set your price and have confidence that you are, at least, in the ballpark when it comes to charging for your services.
One of the best ways to ensure that you stay as busy as you want to be is to do good work. People often talk about their lawn care service and will be inclined to recommend you if you are good. When it comes to hustling up some extra cash, word of mouth advertising is priceless.

If you want to practically guarantee the success of your enterprise check out the links in this article. They are to a great resource I recommended to my son when he decided to start getting serious about turning his quick money lawn care hustle into a real business.

Most of all, if you think this is the Hustle for you, take action! If not read a few of the older post….you might find the hustle for you!

David Scott

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