How to Hustle On 24 hours a day……

Many of us love the Hustler lifestyle and the control it gives us over our future earning potential. Often however, we are working a full time job as well until we reach “job escape velocity”. This requires us to be sacrifice most of our personal time to keep our hustles on track and find creative ways to get things done. To that end I would like to share some of the tools I use daily.

1) No surprise here, a smartphone. Can’t live without it, from managing my daily To Do list, to posting content on my blogs to keeping updated on Twitter/Linkedin. My phone allows me to be productive anywhere. I use Android Apps to track everything from ClickBank sells to Adsense analytics (love the cash register sound when notified of a ClickBank sell).

2) Web based productivity tools. Many of the daily challenges we face boil down to performing task quickly and efficiently. A decent project management program cost nothing and when integrated with your calendar is a powerful tool. I currently use a program and app called Goals To Do. Break down your project into it’s smallest pieces and you have tasks, schedule these and you are halfway there.

3) This is the big one: Other people’s time. I know it may sound bad to refer to this as a tool, but this is why companies hire employees. They benefit from the efficiency gained when people work together. Frankly, I utilize my kids a lot. As teenagers it’s simple to have them do research and time draining but critical task like submitting URL’s to the search engines. Pay them a small amount and offer them profit sharing so they’re less likely to slack off 🙂

4) Wake up 1 hour earlier each day. Use the quite time to focus on moving your hustles forward. This one change will be life changing.
If you can get to bed early to make this happen -great. If not sleep less it’s worth it.

David Scott

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