For your hustle to work you have to work your hustle…

A few of the readers of this blog work with me at my day job and have become involved in some hustles themselves (most notably the excellent opportunity to buy stock in companies that will profit when the recovery is complete), however some of the bigger hustles are harder for me to “sell”. The one I really love is marketing on the web. The potential is unlimited and the financial investment is very small. The downside is the huge learning curve that can discourage even the most motivated hustler. I’ve tried to present the SBI program as a easier way to develop a web presence while simultaneously learning almost all you’ll ever need to know about marketing on the web. Problem is that even this excellent program can’t guarantee success. You’ll have to work at it (mostly by reading and thinking) until you learn enough to make the right decisions for your business.

I challenge you to do that work! Grab a copy of The Affiliates Master Course for free. Skim through it and you’ll realize that if you study it you’ll know more than many of the people making a living on the web today. I guarantee it. Plus-did I mention- it’s free! Of course SBI hopes that you’ll use your new found knowledge and pick them to build your business with (I did), but you’ll be able to make that decision with confidence when the time comes. You’ll be ready to hustle money online!

David Scott

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