Finding your first successful hustle………..

I have been informed by some of my readers that “not everyone has a side hustle” and that many people find the idea of running an enterprise in their spare time a huge undertaking. First of all I’d like to reaffirm my belief that when the economy is facing the type of challenges we are currently experiencing, having a side hustle is almost mandatory. Even when all is well some people will hustle simply because it’s the way they think but in an economic turn-down hustling is a basic survival skill.

We have all become aware of the need to keep learning new skills and be prepared to change occupations several times over our working lifetime. This need dovetails nicely with the hustling mindset. As Hustlers we have an occupation that will never truly change, we may change the money making activity many times but the basic nature of the enterprise remains the same. Bottom line: If you haven’t found your hustle yet, make doing so a top priority.

Of course this leads to the question of where to begin looking. I recommend developing a hobby or talent you already enjoy…..this will give you an edge in the marketplace and more enjoyment along the way. If you don’t have a viable hobby, investigate as many opportunities you can that fit into your start-up budget and lifestyle. One resource I recommend is an ebook called
1000 Ways To Make Money!“, and it’s a virtual encyclopedia of new and unusual money-making
schemes. They lean toward online programs a bit , but so do I!

The plan is to keep looking until you find something you’d like to try. You’re not making a lifetime commitment so be prepared to change plans or make adjustments when needed. Remember this is a SIDELINE, don’t make it into a chore, choose something you can enjoy pursuing.

The final piece of advice I’ll share is all of the work to find and make a hustle successful will come to nothing if we don’t do the more basic work to change the way we view our lives. Review some of my previous posts and try some of the resources I mentioned to help with this shift. This hustler mindset is the big reward…..more valuable than money……and can never be taken away from you.

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David Scott

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