Father’s day…2008…..Still Relevent?

I was having a conversation with my oldest daughter the other day about my dream to become completely self-employed (or at least become a salesman on a 100% commission basis) when I became aware of how deeply the pattern of working a “safe and secure” job has become ingrained on our social DNA. I talked about an hour and still feel that things I feel are basic to freedom didn’t make a dent in her idea that success is that corner office, company car, and (if you’re smart) the gold watch at retirement.

I assumed (and hoped) that the general decline in public trust….the Enrons…..the inability (or lack of desire) to stop a slow moving economic disaster like the sub-prime bubble – would make younger people aware of how fragile our economy has become. As a country and as individuals it seems obvious that the more control we give others exponentially multiplies our chances for economic failure.

This is what we really get when our hustle is “on” –Control– and even more than that we get (here’s my favorite word!) — POWER– Yeah! I said it! Its’ meaning I like most is: “The ability to do”……….So compact and so true! Ability to provide for our families, to develop ourselves to our God given potential…….To decide.

Well that’s my thought for today……I realize I have like zero readership right now, but expressing my thoughts here helps me stay focused and motivated. I hope in time other like-minded individuals will join this blog and we can all benefit from collective POWER! (ooh, it tingles to say it again so soon….).

David Scott

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