End of year project list

Hi, fellow hustlers! I thought I’d post a list of the projects I have scheduled for completion before the end of the year. Many people think the ending/beginning of the year and the reflection/resolution process that accompanies it is totally arbitrary. Why make a date like January 1st so important? We can take action and make big plans anytime- right?
Well I (for one) love the pressure I feel to close out each year successfully and the power I feel when I realize the new year is mine for the taking. Excepting events out of my control, I have the power and will to make my dreams come true!

So, here is my current money making project list and completion dates:

SBI– In the final stage of website development. I under estimated the time and commitment of this project. I learned a lot though and will end up with two income producing sites instead of just the one I planned to do in the beginning. Completion date: 12/12/08.

Stock Investments- I have one holding in my Zecco account that I hope will “pop” before the end of the year. I have mentioned before that I love penny stocks of companies with good management and even better business prospects and balance sheets. My favorite is NewMarket Technology NMKT.PK -I got long on this stock at .06 a share and will continue to buy at these levels. Completion date: ????

Success University- Here I have the expectation of building my organization to the level that I am receiving $300 of recurring income per month. Completion date: 12/31/08.

Forex– I have completed my self education by reading and practising with a demo account from DeltaStock. I have now funded a real account and will begin to trade this week! This activity has the potential to hustle up me some real cash fast and may become my favorite money maker. Completion date: 11/12/08.

Well that’s it. I also hope to start learning Spanish before the end of the year, so I can widen my target market both on and off line.

As hustlers it’s also important for us to hold the line on expenses, especially during this time of year. Think about the opportunity cost of money spent on trinkets that will soon be forgotten. As I’ve said before: we are like very small companies. A penny saved ( or even better-invested) is a penny earned.

I would love to hear about the hustler projects you have in your pipeline. Drop me an email!

David Scott

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