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Economies of scale…… one of the Hustler’s Golden Rules……………

How’s this for a goal, make that first $100 online in a calendar month. Then focus on upsizing it by by a factor of ten and you have a great part time income…… just like we Hustlers like it. Find something that turns a decent profit (makes you more net income than you can expect from a job) and is easily expanded. If you find you can make $25 a week posting one affiliate offer on Craigslist or selling something on eBay you can buy wholesale, then it’s super easy to duplicate this success many times over. To grow these types of activities by a factor of ten will require very little actual effort on your part. You could even hire someone else to do the grunt work for you. Services such as YMII and eLance are worth so much in these types of situations. Closest thing to free money this side of the lottery. You can get a very competent assistant for as low as $6.98 per hour!

Do the math………this leaves you only one goal. Find something that makes you money online. ClickBank is still the king in my book. Find a product you believe in ……(heck go ahead and buy it yourself!) and market it like crazy on Safelist and social media site like Facebook. The rest is simple….. refine it, and hand it off to your assistant to duplicate. Try any and all of the free tools and strategies easily accessed online. If you want to build a website based business under your own brand then take a look at the SiteSell site for some of the best (and free) training in the world.

With focus and a strong dose of determination you will find yourself making that first $100 in no time. The rest is academic….. really..

David Scott

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