Lately I have, like many others, become saddened at the negative political commercials and attacks. I usually try to avoid discussing what are fundamentally deeply personal choices which are outside the realm of this blog. However I think it is worth examining what I believe to be a growing problem which can effect our ability to reach our goals as Hustlers.

The problem is the inability to follow and cooperate. It seems that as our access to information grows, so does a false sense of independence. The fact is that any society that follows their leadership (voluntarily, or otherwise) stands a good chance of achieving their goals. So the problem isn’t health care, economic issues, or immigration as much as a real lack of cooperation. We understand at work that the boss must retain the authority to lead. Even if we personally think she is running the business into the ground, we follow until the bosses above them make a change.

As hustlers we want the fastest and most direct route to our goals so we can move on to bigger ones. Often that means learning from others so we don’t always begin from scratch. Let’s face it- the only time we are likely to be the smartest guy in the room, is when we are in the bathroom. If it has a dual vanity even that’s in jeopardy.

I know many people believe in a kind of social evolution – Everybody had to follow one guy, everybody chooses to follow one guy, and finally everyone thinks he is the guy to follow. As hustlers this is not an optimal way of thinking. Often the path is less travelled for good reason. There are universal laws involved which followed willingly aid our progress.

Find a mentor in the area you are hustling in and follow him or her. Learn to earn….then teach others and become the mentor. Next move on and get a new mentor to take you to the next level. In the area of general living you might consider following God if you don’t already. Hard to go wrong there (of course you won’t need to upgrade this mentor).

Following only your own counsel and going it alone is not a great idea. You might make progress and fly high for a while (visual: Karen Black, yoke in hand), but you will likely go down in flames. Trust me I know.

So to make progress the fastest, easiest way:

1 – Keep your eyes on the prize, not your ego.

2- Follow the paths others have found success in (Get a mentor).

3- Take the path of least resistance, as long as it still leads to your goal.

4- Measure all of your activity by the value you add to the deal – not immediate financial gain.

We are in it to make money – not impress ourselves or others by becoming “special”. Being a hustler is like being a writer. Put words on paper – Presto – you are a writer. Hustle and you are a hustler….simple as that.

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David Scott

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