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Update on Forex hustle………..

I have mentioned before that I’ve begun to dabble in trading currencies on the Forex market. Since my stock market hustle has stalled out right along with the economy, I am allocating most of my trading capital to my Forex account. I thought learning to trade stocks was fun, but this is so much more […]

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Back To Basics- My plan for 2009

As we have discussed before, we are in a very difficult economy and my hustle activities have been curtailed somewhat. This, I admit, is very disappointing because I am determined to achieve financial independence by the end for 2009. Some of the motivators would say I have purposed or set an intention in motion. These […]

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End of year project list

Hi, fellow hustlers! I thought I’d post a list of the projects I have scheduled for completion before the end of the year. Many people think the ending/beginning of the year and the reflection/resolution process that accompanies it is totally arbitrary. Why make a date like January 1st so important? We can take action and […]

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