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A good time to start!

Today I had an interesting conversation with one of my co-workers (from my full-time “real” job) and he was interested in some of the hustling activities I engage in. After giving him my spiel about how Hustling up money is the best hobby a person can have in this economy, I waited (and I might […]

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Favorite Hustle revisited……

If you are a reader of this blog, you know that my favorite Hustle is trading penny stocks. I use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis and have developed a certain level of skill which has allowed me to make some very profitable trades. I really enjoy learning about various companies and forecasting their […]

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Summer of opportunity………..

I have had this feeling lately that our current economic woes have reached the bottom and a big turn-around is coming sooner than most think. Yes- I’ve been hit hard in my, shall we say – “hustles” by this gloomy atmosphere, most notably my stock portfolio is down big-time. Of course this isn’t so bad […]

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