….and the wisdom to know the difference.

By now readers of this blog are aware of my love of affiliate marketing as a great low investment/high reward hustle. I have written about some great products that can help the newbie get started but now I’d like to share some resources for hustlers already in the game. I truly believe that the successful person must control the type of information they expose their mind (and more importantly their subconscious) to on a daily basis. Audio books and news aggregators are powerful tools to accomplish this and I hope you take advantage of them. Today I want to highlight the ways Podcasts can help the hustler. The true hustler works his craft in every spare minute he has. In fact the ability to utilize your “free” time will be the number one factor in your success. To that end you may want to use your iPod, Smart Phone or other Mp3 device to listen to some of the many Podcasts related to your hustle. For instance, if you are onto affiliate marketing see www.WebmasterRadio.fm for all the information you need to be on the top of your game. Besides the industry specific episodes there are many which focus on other helpful areas such as motivation, tools for success and spirituality which can help keep a hustler positive and focused.
You can spend like, 20 bucks and get a cheap Mp3 player to dedicate to your program to keep yourself on track.Use it every time you are driving or have other down time. We hustlers are a breed of our own and the world in general is not focused the way we are. These programs and tools help us create our own reality or more to the point we can focus on the parts of reality that help us hustle up cash!

David Scott

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