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As you know from the posts I have been super busy on building my latest site using SBI. I feel badly about not posting here more often (as if I have readers :-0) but I have found that in order to be the type of person I hope all hustlers aspire to be we need to constantly ask ourselves one question: “What’s the best use of my time right now”. Unfortunately my answers lately have caused me to neglect the blog a bit. I say unfortunately because this blog helps me clarify my thoughts for the future so it is very important to me. Hopefully now that I’m in the home stretch of the SBI program I can spend more time finding opportunities to list here.
One of the things I truly believe to be an excellent money maker (especially online) is monetizing specialized knowledge. I have talked about this many times with people I think have this kind of knowledge (like my friend from PitBullPushers I mentioned in some earlier post) and can make it pay off big. See the free e book at:

Please take a good look at the page and if you have
any skill, knowledge, or practice that fits with the
program....feel free to contact me at:

and maybe we can become partners in a web site.

Just in case you are wondering: I do plan to move from
web based hustles to offline ones. In fact the first
one we'll look at in August will be fixing-up and
renting houses on a part time basis. The guy we'll
talk to has this down to a science and makes a bundle
with out spending a huge amount of time or quitting
his day job.So please stick around and keep your focus!


David Scott

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