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Today I had an interesting conversation with one of my co-workers (from my full-time “real” job) and he was interested in some of the hustling activities I engage in. After giving him my spiel about how Hustling up money is the best hobby a person can have in this economy, I waited (and I might add -not in vain) for the usual list of reasons I get from people who need extra money but “don’t have extra time” or “don’t have any extra money to invest”. These excuses keep so many people away from even trying one of the many ways to hustle up money we’ve listed over the years. You can make good money with a very small investment in any one of them. Of course a true Hustler will work more than one at all times!

Take the penny stock hustle, even though the market has stalled out a bit lately and my stocks are moving sideways, I am still building value in my financial life. I purchased these shares with little more than the money I previously used to play the state lottery. Even if the market never fully recovers I’ll still have more money than I invested and the hunt for good penny stocks is fun and educational. My Zecco and Trade King accounts provide a wealth of free training about stocks and options. Now CNBC is one of my favorite channels and I can talk the talk with my IRA adviser as well as understand our economic challenges.

For even less money the office cleaning hustle can bring a steady part-time income and the potential to grow into a full time business. I want to clearly state that I haven’t personally worked this hustle but a friend of mine has been doing it for about 18 months. His wife works with him and I think that has helped him make even more money. His total investment was less than $300. Basically this hustle is a lot like the affiliate hustle I love so much. The main investment is your time and the result is practically guaranteed if your invest enough time a learn as you go along. So with that back drop here are my 3 favorite hustles:

1) Penny stocks! Check out Zecco or Trade King and open your account with $25 bucks or something. Do some research on PinkSheets.com or my soon to be started….long awaited BlueCollarStocks.com. Invest more when you can and your working it!

2)Affiliate marketing via targeted websites. You may remember I’ve used SBI to build a couple of these sites and I highly recommend them! Study their free Affiliate Master Course. You will have to put time and energy into learning about web marketing but you will be amazed at how different your view of the Internet will be after you become an insider.

3) The previously mentioned office cleaning hustle. I like the low overhead and the fact that people who my not use computers all day (like I do) can still find success hustling.

That’s the Big Three (currently) and I hope you will pick one you might like to pursue. Our economy needs all the Hustlers we can get. Join us!

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David Scott

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