Well here we are the first real hustle I’ll introduce you to. Please keep in mind that some things are not for everyone. The way these guys make that extra money is to breed and raise American Pit bulls. The processes they use can be adapted to most breeds of course and if you’re not too picky about credentialing your pups you can provide an adorable nearly pure-breed at a price the average family can easily afford. I think back to the time my girls were small and we wanted a Jack Russell terrier. One look in the paper and we knew that pup would bust our budget.

The point here is that if you take good care of your pups and their parents you can provide a great dog to a family at a good price and hustle up some excellent cash for yourself. Anyway check out their new web page at www.pitbullpushers.com if this seems appealing to you. The page is under construction with you-know-who as the web master (one of my side hustles). They have a more informative My Space page. Well check it out and I’ll post you soon!

David Scott

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